Thursday, September 08, 2005

A nation held hostage by "Seyeds"*

Revolutionary Guards Spokesman: US attack on Iran will turn each of its states into a disaster area; US collapse and transformation into independent nations not improbable

ILNA (Islamic Republic)
September 6, 2005

“Every single state in the United States can suffer a calamitous Katrina,” according to the spokesman for the Revolutionary Guards, Seyed Masoud Jazayeri. Commander Jazayeri told reporters: “Contrary to what is presented, United States’ power and ability in management and leadership is like a balloon that can easily be crumpled. The consequence of that country’s military aggression against Afghanestan and Iraq is precisely a revelation of this fact. Before revealing anything about the capabilities of its opponent, fact that its military is bogged down in Iraq reveals the weaknesses of the US departments of Defense and State, and the country’s intelligence services.”

In response to a question as to whether the US would confront Iran militarily or not, he replied: “The White House isn’t capable of handling a natural disaster like a storm; how could it confront the Islamic Republic with its battle hardened forces? The slightest mistake by the United States in this regard will result in each of its states being turned into a disaster area. The display of incompetence in managing acute psychological and emotional issues during hurricane Katrina makes plain the ability of others to turn, at any time, various areas of the United States into war zones.”

Jazayeri elaborated: “Reliable information from within the United States speaks of the lack of coordination between the country’s military, security and political networks, and knowing this fact allows those who expect to be attacked to cause far more damage in retaliation. So, forecasts regarding Unites States’ collapse and transformation into independent nations, from the scientific and logical points of view, are not far-fetched.”

Referring to the incidents of September 11, 2001, Jazayeri added: “Now the opportunity presents itself to put that incident and the White House’s weakness towards it on display for the world to see. There is one scene in that incident you should never forget: The running away and hiding of the United States’ president and politicians.”

*For the non-Iranian readers: The title "Seyed" denotes a descendant of the prophet.


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