Tuesday, September 13, 2005


About two weeks ago I stated my opinion that in anticipation of a large protest against the Islamic Republic during Ahmadinejad’s visit to New York, and fearing a message that would contradict the NYTimes two months after it congratulated the Shiite Taliban on the “achievements” of the revolution, much effort has been made to misrepresent this protest, to non-Iranians, as one against a person called Ahmadinejad (to non-Iranians, to those who may happen to read about the protest, that’s all he is; you simply can’t expect them to know what you know).

I added, however, that the organizers should see to it that such fabrication and misrepresentation is exposed before September 14. This, naturally, has not happened. In fact, read the first sentence in the modestly titled article by what’s called “Marzeporgohar” released two days ago:

“Iranians from all over the United States are merging in New York to protest against the Islamic Republic president Ahmadinejad in New York City on Wednesday September 14th 2005.”

Dear reader,

If you are going to the protest, please prove our “opposition” wrong.

Make it perfectly clear why you came to the demonstration, some of you I know, from thousands of miles away.

It is the Islamist Republic, not its latest president, which you are protesting against.

I wish you success in your delivery of this message.

Here I must give SMCCDI credit for its September 8 communiqué. Compare the above with the first sentence in SMCCDI’s message:

“The unpopular Islamic republic regime is a theocratic system of governance which is a notorious Human Rights abuser and a main sponsor of terror. Its newly appointed President, Mahmood Ahmadinejad, is an ultra-Islamist who's well known for his past terrorist and executioner activities.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

marze por gohar should have left out the first paragraph -> the second one is much better.

(I think the first paragraph is only meant to contradict the MKO fascist/islamist/marxist claims/propaganda on the 14th september as an occassion to gain popularity.)

5:44 AM  

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