Thursday, August 18, 2005

US-based “AssyriaSat” is giving anti-Iranians airtime

I was flipping the channels on the satellite a few hours ago when I saw a man wearing the traditional Saudi hat, and with a peculiar version of the Iraqi flag behind him, speaking about “al-Iraniya” and “al-ahwaz.” He was followed by another guy, who too kept mentioning “al-ahwaz”, “khalgh”….

Well, as it turned out, it was a program by the so-called “AL-Ahwaz Revolutionary Council” (part of the “Al-ahwaz” Organization), which is calling for a “Democratic Republic of AL-Ahwaz”.

The satellite channel, however, was AssyriaSat, an Assyrian satellite service from the AssyriaVision (KBSV-TV Ch 23 U.S.A) studios at the Assyrian Cultural Center of Bet Nahrain (Bet-Nahrain, Inc.) in California!


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