Tuesday, August 30, 2005

From Scream to Scream

I would very much like to see this new documentary…

However, I will e-mail this post to Pantea Bahrami, the filmmaker, asking her about a statement in the film’s synopsis placed in the website:

“Massacres from 1981 till 1988 are still unknown for the new generation.”

Dear Ms. Bahrami, this statement may give the impression that the massacres during the 1979-1980 period are known to the new generation. Not too long ago, the anti-monarchist Iran-emrooz, in an article by a Hizbollahi “reviewing” Empress Farah Pahlavi’s An Enduring Love, referred to the 79-80 massacres as “rumors”, and an “Iranian leftist” website (as fake as they come) in Europe, operating as a “human rights” group (I’ll not name it here) is on record for its statement that the killings began some THREE years after the revolution! Would it not be better, then, to present your film as one concerned with ALL massacres since the coming of the “Imam”, instead of a selected period, even if for no other purpose than an acknowledgment, against the deniers, that the earlier massacres took place?

Eager to see your film,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

for more info on Takhti's murder see the link below.



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