Friday, August 12, 2005

سالروز آغاز دفاع مردانه آريو برزن در برابر اسکندر

August 12th is considered the date marking the beginning, in 330 BC, of the resistance by some 1000 Iranians led by General Ario Barzan against the onslaught of Alexander of Macedon and his bandits, numbering tens of thousands. The exact date was noted by the Greek historian Callisthenes who had followed Alexander on his expedition.

With our country under occupation once more, this time by Islamists, let us remember these brave Iranians who died defending our honor, and learn a lesson or two in loving one’s motherland. (Jona Lendering gives a somewhat different account of the death of Ario Barzan)

In an article written last year to note this anniversary, one Iranian historian rightly complained that unlike modern Greeks who constructed monuments to celebrate Greek patriotic heroism in such instances as the battle of Thermopylae, we have no monuments to honor Ario Barzan and his soldiers and that they have been all but forgotten.

See also the following, on past attempts to celebrate our history:
Denigration of History And the Mocking of the National Flag


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