Thursday, July 28, 2005

Today's demonstration in New York

My observations later, as I'd like to rest and gather my thoughts. If you know of any Iranian satellite channel that made mention of this demonstration, please leave a comment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dorod bar shoma
weblog jalebi hast va pirouz bashid be omide movfaghiyat
payandeh iran, kobande tondar

10:45 AM  
Blogger سرباز كوچك said...

Dorud bar shoma, ham-mihane gerami,

Az didar va tavajohe shoma be blog-e in sarbaze kuchak sepassgozaram. Pirooz bashid.

Payande Iran
Kubande Tondar

12:30 AM  
Anonymous Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi said...

I live in NY and I have attended every single demonstration ever properly advertised and I NEVER heard a word about this demonstration.

5:10 PM  
Blogger سرباز كوچك said...

Dear Banafsheh,

The demonstration was announced a month prior to the date and continued to be announced daily on Anjomane Padeshahi’s official organ, YourTV. Here too, on this blog, I placed two large notices ( )under the header for two weeks preceding the gathering, hoping that visitors would spread the news elsewhere on the net. I learned only later that that was wishful thinking on my part. Was it properly advertised? AP did all it could do; the problem was that none, not a single “opposition” website, radio or satellite channel helped. In fact, they did not even mention it in passing.

As to the number of participants, I do not deny that the risks involved in participating in AP protests are greater than those sponsored by others, given AP’s views on the ideological basis on which the Islamic Republic rests. (There were a number plainclothes security people present during the demo to provide protection.)

Banafsheh, let my respect for you and my appreciation of all your efforts in this war permit me to re-emphasize the sad and frightening truth that we are fighting it on all fronts, and that the worst and most dangerous of our enemies are entrenched within our own side, and as “opposition”.

I still remember the support you showed during the Azarakhsh protest. You’ve made me happy by stopping by and leaving a comment. I can always use the advice of more experienced activists such as yourself and Elio.


1:11 AM  

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