Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Some pictures

Here, you see, you are to forget that Mossadegh was an Iranian and a Monarchist and consequently, if alive, would have put Moin and the rest of the Hizbullahi trash before the firing squad.


Moin with Akbar Ganji, “opposition” figure. Just be sure never to ask, “opposition to what?”


A professional photographer may guess that this picture was taken with the camera placed on a tripod, but an Iranian knows for certain that it could not have been taken otherwise.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

mossadegh had a foreign "arbaab". he was from a ghajar family and he was a freemasoner who made a dirty oil deal with the english.vaghti gandesh dar oomad goft "man nafto melli mikonam" he was a traitor to our nation and that's why he was tried as a traitor and the tudeii va mko ghorbun-sadaghash miran.

6:02 AM  

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