Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Holocaust Fantasy

Came across this article in ISNA. Below is a quick translation. Nothing new, of course, and readers recall that Sahar TV was banned in France back in February for broadcasting anti-Jewish propaganda. Anyway, if the Financial Times can make the claim that the Islamic Revolution has empowered Iranian women, and if the San Francisco Chronicle allows its staff to rewrite Iranian history (in an article supposedly concerned with an “art” exhibition), what else is one to expect from the media of the Shiite Taliban?

Barzideh’s “The Holocaust Fantasy” in Sahar TV
Made for TV film to be dubbed from Arabic into Persian

Iranian Students News Agency
June 13, 2005

“The Holocaust Fantasy”, a made for TV film directed by Abdolhassan Barzideh, is ready to be broadcasted by Sahar TV Network.

In an interview with ISNA, the producer, Sa’id Sa’di, said that the film deals with the innocence of the people of Palestine and the falsehood of the claim by Jews about the burning of their own kind by the Nazis.

According to Sa’di, the film took two months to make and three months were spent in post-production.

The film was made by the recommendation of the overseas service of State Radio/TV, and all the actors are Lebanese. It therefore had to be dubbed from Arabic into Persian.

According to Barzideh the film is a police story, concerned with the Zionists’ claim about the burning of people during the Hitler era; claims which, as evidence shows, experts have discarded. But Jews use this claim to oppress others.


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