Saturday, June 18, 2005

The arrest of Ostad Fouladvand

The arrest of Forud Fouladvand

Here's a BBC report, with some footage of the arrests.

Iranians arrested in dawn raids by anti-terror police

Times Online
BY Michael Evans and Joanna Bale
June 18, 2005

FOUR Iranians suspected of plotting terrorist attacks in Iran from addresses in North London were arrested by armed police yesterday.

The four men, aged 31, 37, 58 and 63, had been under surveillance by MI5 officers for many months. The decision to arrest them — on the day that Iran went to the polls to elect a president — was taken because of fears that they were in possession of firearms.

There was no evidence that they had engaged in terrorist activities affecting the United Kingdom and it was not clear what the potential targets were in Iran.

The men were seized in Barnet and Finchley by officers from Scotland Yard’s anti-terrorist branch, supported by armed police, under section 41 of the Terrorism Act. Last night they were being questioned at the high-security Paddington Green police station.

The elections yesterday were expected to bring in a moderate president who would be more conciliatory towards the West — anathema to the country’s Islamic fundamentalists.

Two of the suspects were arrested in a car in Barnet’s high street. The road was closed off while police checked the car. No firearms were found in it.

Searches continued at three addresses in North London. One was a council flat on a large 1960s estate in Barnet.

Kerry Germishuzen, who lives opposite, described the dawn raid. She said: “I was woken up at 3.30am by this almighty noise. It sounded like a riot was taking place. I belted out of bed onto my balcony and saw around 20 armed men dressed in black with helmets and balaclavas on. They were trying to smash down the front door of the flat with a battering ram but it took several minutes. They were shouting at the occupants to stay away from the door.”

An ambulance came and some people arrived in white overalls whom she took to be forensic officers. “Eventually, a man in his 50s was led out in handcuffs and put into the ambulance, accompanied by police and forensics officers.”

Ms Germishuzen, a 42-year-old housewife, said: “I had never seen this man before but neighbours had reported strange goings-on in the flat to the police, with lots of male visitors being frisked before they were allowed in.”

Another neighbour, who gave his name as Jamie, added: “They had only been there a few months and were very security-conscious with lots of security lights outside and even boarded-up windows. There was a man in a wheelchair and a woman and a child, but lots of other men coming and going all the time.

“My Mum had an argument with one man over a bump to her car when it was left parked outside the flat. The man told her that she should not cross him. He was very hostile.”

Another witness to the raids at a separate block of flats in Barnet said that police had gathered under railway arches near by before rushing forward to make the arrests.

Chandni Patel, 17, who lives on the ground floor of the targeted block of flats, said the family involved in the arrests had lived there for about two years.


Meanwhile on NITV, a panel of two clowns in LA are congratulating themselves on a job well done and expressing their surprise as to why their "dear friend", the political prostitute Masoud Behnoud, voted!


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