Thursday, May 26, 2005

Who is the voice of Iran's "third generation"?

As someone who often listens to Manoke Khodabakhshian’s programs on KRSI, I could not believe my ears, last Saturday, as I heard his comments on that Islamic Studies professor, Reza Aslan. This, readers will recall, is the same Moslem professor who in order to further strangle the voice of discontent rising from occupied Iran, was promptly provided a platform by the New York Times, during anti-regime protests in July 2003, to make the claim that the Islamic Republic is a “democracy” (One could fill up a volume on how Aslan uses every trick in logic imaginable to make his case). These days Aslan is busy trying to sell another claim, namely that Islamic Republic “plays a big role in maintaining peace and stability in Iraq,” but let’s get back to Saturday’s show.

Click here, Saturday May 21, fast forward to 37:25, and be prepared for a bucket of ice-cold water.

“Vaghti aghaye Aslan ro mididam,
khosh-hal shodam.
Didam nasl-e sevom-e Iran darad miyayad.
Ama omidvarim davan davan biyayad!”

Bravo Mr. Khodabakhshian! Apparently after enduring 26 years of occupation, after enduring 26 years of barbarism against our nation, identity and culture, Iran is supposed to abandon Her aspirations and give way to Aslan and his “reformist” ilk, whose---given their unyielding opposition to any revolutionary change--- model for reform today, admittedly, is the first Muslim community in Medina, established by Muhammad 1,400 years ago! This is sure to please the children of Cyrus and Reza Shah the Great.

It is to be noted that although the comments on Aslan were immediately followed by an interview with Aryo Pirouznia, Mr. Pirouznia voiced no objections. I would have expected Aryo to at least object to the designation of Aslan as representative of the “third generation”, whose true representatives, Mr. Pirouznia knows perfectly well, are rotting in the republic’s jails.

Oh, and the meaning of the book's title, which Manoke does not understand:

"La elaha el-allah", what else!


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