Thursday, May 26, 2005

Demonstration in Los Angeles

Anjomane Padeshahi in California has asked Iranians to join them in a demonstration on May 26th, 9 am PST, in front of the Belgian Consulate in LA (6100 WILSHIRE BL.). The demonstration is a protest against EU’s economic ties with the Shiite Taliban in control of Iran and last week’s violent treatment of Iranian protestors by the Belgian police in Brussels.

The May 18 protest in Brussels, organized by Anjomen-e Padeshahi and the first phase of an operation named Tondar-e Yek (Thunder One), was a protest against Islamist Terrorism and the EU’s close economic ties with one of the world’s deadliest terrorist regimes. Although not a single US news agency reported the story, Iranians involved in Tondar One managed to block the main entrance to the EU Parliament building with their cars (some 151 vehicles).

Tondar One in Brussels:


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