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Aryamehr-Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi

Holy Terror

Following is a speech by Sheikh Ahmad Deedat, an Islamist “scholar” from South Africa, after his trip to Iran on March 3, 1982, three years after the Islamist Reaction.

First, a few excerpts:

.....There was not one semi-naked girl, not a single girl who was half naked there. If the shah had his way, if he was alive and organized it, there would have been semi-naked girls for everyone to stare at and feast upon.

.....For sixteen years [the Shah] had forbidden Jummah prayers! Sixteen years!

.....There were 70,000 or so people who were martyred in this revolution...

[Give or take 66,000! The actual number of those killed was about 2800, as was admitted later.]

.....There was a town hall that accommodated 16,000 people…This was built by the Shah to boast his own "Aryan myth". He was boasting not only that he was the "Shahanshah" or "King of Kings", but also that he was the "Aryamehr", "Light of the Aryans"! What is this Aryan sickness? Remember Hitler bragging about being Aryan because the Germans are Aryans…The ex shah claimed to be "the light of Aryans" and he built this monument as a tribute. He built another monument spending millions to commemorate his ancestor Cyrus "the great", a pagan, a mushrik and squandering the wealth of this nation for this project. In 1984 he was supposed to have the world Olympics in Tehran to boost his ego even further.

[Thanks to Wikipedia, I feel some explanation may be necessary here, although I’ve written about it before in passing. The term “Mehr” does not mean “light”; it means kindness and affection. As to “Arya”, that is where the name “Iran” finds its origin. The trick used here is to equate a Persian term with the non-Persian, racially charged “Aryan”. Follow this with a mistranslation of “Mehr” and you can equate the Shah of Iran with Hitler himself, as Islamist “scholars” do and “activist” bloggers try. As to Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi claiming to be Aryamehr, let alone boasting about it, all that that requires is common sense.]

Be sure to listen to the question and answer session towards the end:


Blogger Aryamehr said...

Khorshid/Sarbazekuchak, we know each other way back from the board on activistchat and I have had great respect for you which brings me to this surprise post where you put my credibility on the same level as "Islamist scholars"! and this over a term which obviously people interpret differently! My friend!, compatriot!, after all this time i'm reduced to the same level as "islamist scholars"...i'm really out of words. I've heard that Aryamehr means "Light of Aryans" from many acquaintances, if you divide the word up it also makes sense, and for whatever it's worth wikipedia has an entry stating so as well. Sometimes I really wonder what i've done to deserve having any kind of relations with Iranians or why I even bother...sorry if i'm getting worked up about this but hopefully you can understand the ridiculousness of this...since when did my "activism" become questionable as well since you put: "activist" blogger.... ajaba... if you care to give an explanation i'd appreciate it...

6:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

بر خلاف یک باور همگانی، «آریامهر» یک لقب ساختگی، ویژۀ محمدرضاشاه پهلوی نیست. چنین نام کوچکی در دورانهای کهن وجود داشته است. بدبختانه، آریامهرشاه آن اندازه دلاوری نشان نداد تا بگوید که هدفش جایگزین کردن نامی انیرانی (محمدرضا) با نامی ایرانی است و تنها به کاربرد «آریامهر» همچون لقب بسنده کرد تا مسلمانان ساکن سرزمین آریائیان رنجیده نشوند!
اگر به سرود تاجگذاری گوش کنید، خواهید دید که هرگز نام محمدرضا به کار نرفته و تنها سخن از پهلوی‌شاه و آریامهر است (که پهلوی شاه شاهان به سر نهد تاج شاهنشهی ... بر سر تو آریامهر، تاج سر خجسته باد). روشن است که آن روانشاد از نام انیرانیش ننگ داشت ولی افسوس که بر بام نرفت و آن را با صدای بلند نگفت.

7:24 AM  

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